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With today's rigorous demands on asphalt and concrete roads, parking lots and airport runways, the need has arisen for a highly developed material for use in a multitude of pavement applications.

Cold patch asphalt was developed in the early 1980's in Canada. It is the next generation of this technology for road and pavement repair. Not just for pothole applications, but also for permanent repairs to utility cuts and for paving through an asphalt spreader. It's revolutionary formula of blended asphalt, wetting agents and co-polymers are mixed with selected aggregates to produce this premium quality paving material.

This unique product is easy to use and remains pliable for maintenance crews installation. Cold patch asphalt bonds quickie to waterfilled potholes and pavement including wood, steel or concrete. It does not require an emulsion tack coat and can be resurfaced or overlaid due to its durable quality.

It is an ideal product for streets, highways, parking areas for both professional and private usage.